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*deep breath* Yep, that’s me so far.

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Sugar: a helluva drug


Don’t get me wrong, I feel great. I’ve got more control over my diet (although eliminating sweets is still proving problematic) and after a patchy start I’m getting into the swing of it. Intense exercise early in the day sets you right up for whatever it chooses to throw at you.

So. Diet really is the main issue here. Before I started the SITC bootcamps I was reading up on the Paleo/Primal ways of eating (which the SITC eating plan strongly echoes) and experimented late last year with complete hard-to-the-core sugar elimination – boy, that hurt. I was suddenly aware of how much of the stuff I eat, and between banging headaches, office feeders, and a sudden desire to listen to Ke$ha, it became a physical as well as psychological battle.

The challenge is to not make it seem like one; the trick is to focus more on what I’m gaining (a smokin’ hot – I mean healthy – body) and less on what I’m losing (Kracky Kremes). It basically boils down to eating:

  • Protein – meat! Fish! Seafood! Yes! Lean and fatty cuts, nom nom nom. Barbecues are now my favourite thing.
  • Fat – oh yes. Lots of it. Animal fats and non-processed vegetable and nut oils (sesame, coconut, olive) are everything.
  • Dairy – not very much for me as I’m a little lactose intolerant, but the full-fat stuff beats the skinny variety for flavour and satiety any day.
  • Carbs – vegetables, starches and fruit the latter two reduced in quantity as they are relatively high in sugar. Yes, that thing I’m trying to cut down on, but this is the more healthy type.

…and saying ‘no’ to:

  • Processed fats – you’d be surprised how much work and chemicals go into making sunflower oils, margarines and the like. You’d probably be disgusted, too.
  • Refined carbs – Kracky Kremes, bread, white rice, white pasta. Anything grain-based, basically. That also means, for me, taking the ‘healthier’ brown varieties off the menu too. My stomach (and anyone standing behind me) has never been more grateful for this. Grains cause upset because, the theory goes, they aren’t meant to be eaten, and have evolved to irritate the gut of any animal foolish enough to eat them, never mind turn them into delicious cakes.
  • Low-fat anything – this will normally have had the fat stripped out and sugar added (in all its various ooh-look-I’m-not-called-sugar-but-I’m-as-sweet-by-a-different-name-ha-ha-ha guises). Exceptions? Greek yoghurt and milk. But we all know low-fat dairy just isn’t satisfying compared to its tastier cousin, right?

My Clean Eating Resources

The story so far…

I’m 2 weeks in and although life has got in my way, meaning I’ve missed classes this week, I’m aching all over.

So I missed the first day (Tuesday 10th January) due to an epic alarm clock fail. Not so on the Wednesay morning, where I joined Bangs and a Bun and her new Team Bangs girls in a City of London Fitness First for our training session with the Sexy In The City guys.

We went through a quick stretch, then were put through our paces by trainers Phil and Tim. Several circuits of six tough exercises later, everyone was glowing (um, panting and sweating). Fun was had, though. Well, I say ‘fun’, but taking it in turns to shift the heavily-weighted base was far better when it was over!

Having done both the standard SITC classes and the more running-specific classes with Team Bangs, I’m torn over which I prefer…

I like that the running-specific exercises – squats, medicine ball throws, planks, lunges – develop the rawww power GRRR I need in my legs to power me through 13 miles (or any miles), and in my upper body to get me up the Gherkin. However, there’s more heavy lifting in the standard classes, and having told Tim that I did Crossfit back in the summer, I’m encouraged to lift a little heavier. I love it – nothing makes me feel more… how you say… rarrrrr! than pushing some serious weight until I cry a little bit. So going forward, I’ll be mixing the two.


I’ve got a ‘Secret, Sexy, Slim’ Nutrition Plan to follow. Nothing too arduous, but as you’ll see from my pic, we can all agree that eliminating sugar and processed food is the way forward. That stuff sticks to my belly. I wish it went on my hips, but that’s a different matter.

As I want to wear a crop top for the Berlin half marathon, my belly has GOT TO GO. There’s also Notting Hill Carnival to think about in August, and frankly my ‘biscuit diet’ left me feeling and looking distinctly under par. People, let me tell you: A diet based around chocolate caramel Digestives is not the lick! (Although I’m pleased to say I’ve been clean for about 2 months now).

I’ve been thinking about food in general recently, and have concluded that I run best on a relatively low-carb/high-protein diet. That means cutting out sugar, which is painnnnnful, but if I keep starches (sweet potatoes, plantain, bananas) to a minimum, and load up on meat, fat (yes!), non-starchy vegetables, salad, and a small amount of fruit (apples, berries etc) then that will accelerate results. And we like when results are accelerated, non?

The SITC plan is doable and flexible, and as an avowed lover of meat this works well for me. However… I’m also an avowed lover of sugar and all things refined/bloaty/processed/bleurgh so it’s also a bit of a challenge. So I’m going to do what I hadn’t anticipated doing and blog about my food intake, too.

Stay tuned for more progress – I’m aiming to see some real changes before these 4 weeks of bootcamp are out! Next week I aim to hit as many sessions as possible and really move some weight.