Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce @ChakaBars, aka Chaka Clarke, aka ‘Wow! Just… wow!’ from men and women alike.

Objectively speaking, let me be frank: dude’s physique is unbelievable. You’d think he spent hours in the gym, sucking down shakes and hefting weights around… nope. He’s sculpted that body from bodyweight exercise and whole foods.

Lucky for me, he’s now down with Run Dem Crew, and as such has a mission to transform bodies everywhere. Starting in February, the ‘Spartan’ classes kicked off, starting at the 1948 Nike store (at 7pm on Friday night) with a run down to Shoreditch Park.

I went along last night (Friday 17th Feb). The 15-ish-strong group of us (including Chaka and his two handsome accomplices) worked out in the no-longer-innocuous playground.

We were in a place of fun but we were not there to play. We huffed and heaved and groaned and grunted through fourteen stations – including climbing, skipping, planks, squats, using the climbing frames for pull-ups and the like – then some decidedly Army-esque ‘drag your partner over the hill’- type exercises, followed by sprints. There were burpees. I swore a lot and nearly cried on doing pull-ups and chin-ups. I did mine assisted. I am weak, but I am now a Spartan. Ahoo!

Side note: this was after doing a Sexy In The City bootcamp class this morning.

Side side note: to self – bring a healthy snack for devouring post-workout. Cheeseburgers are not a healthy snack, even if you give fries the swerve. If you’re prepared you won’t go hungry!

Oh, and will I go back next week? Yeah, of course! I’ll have stopped aching like a muhfuh by then.

Carnival body, here I come. Step Change and Berlin? You are MINE. Ahoo!*

*I have to say that or else he makes us do burpees