*deep breath* Yep, that’s me so far.

I’m starting to feel and notice the difference. It’s a small difference but I know it’s there!

Starting my day with exercise has given me some much-needed endorphins, and motivation to eat properly – to fuel my body instead of my feelings. Let’s be real – all the excess around my waist is comfort eating, and ironically my clothes are far less comfortable when I’m inhaling cinnamon swirls and donuts (my feelings taste goooood). Nothing tastes as good as pushing yourself physically feels, though.

What I’m liking so far is the out-of-class support. Some really interesting emails have been coming through, like the recent one about foam rollering (cheers for the extra tips, Phil!), the meal ideas, and the Compliance Tracker. Because we’re not tracking calories here (yay) I can see how on track I am. I doubt I’ll be 100% compliant but I’m getting better. Pro tip: Eating a Twix for breakfast is not compliant. Full-fat Greek yoghurt with some berries (and a little sugar-derived sweetener because I am weeeeaaaak) is a much better choice.

Tomorrow’s class (with the Team Bangs III crew) looks like it’ll be focusing more on stretching (though if last weeks’ sessions were anything to go by I’m liking the focus on twerking, too!)