Pieces from the 'God Save The Queen' capsule collection

Designer for Sweaty Betty’s Sweat and Run collections, Lisa, took me through SB’s high-octane fitness pieces…

About the designer…

Lisa’s a St Martin’s graduate, with an MA in Womenswear; both her parents are scientists, and she told me that her background gave her a real scientific eye for the finer points of function. The fun of her work lies in blurring the line between glamour and function, but sacrificing neither.

This is her third collection in 2 years for SB, and she tells me ‘you learn and improve every season’ – and she’s proud of her work on SS12.

Run Statement

Run Statement vests, tights, shorts, and Velocity jacket

Tron is a huge influence here, and you can see it in the bold, contrasting dark colours and sharp (yet feminine) lines. Pieces have seamless stitching for comfort, and pretty gathering and ruching details for the tummy-conscious – perfect for me, as I tend to gather my tops around the belly to make my silhouette a little sleeker.

Swift tank & Zero Gravity tight

The fantastic Velocity jacket is back, and this time it’s in a rich, deep Aegean Sea blue (last year it was a soft mint). It’s cropped and convertible, so can be styled any which way you like (gilet, armless or sleeved bolero, and full sleeved-jacket style). The Race Day short has an undermesh which prevents you feeling exposed if the sides ride up while you run.

Run Pro and Core

Run Pro and Core

The colours and shapes are softer: washed-out marls and boyfriend tees. It’s all about urban cool; which is all about deconstructed style and comfort. As Lisa put it,   where Statement is about aspiration, Pro is about comfort and building up the confidence to go all-out and rock pieces from Statement – ‘where you are, and where you want to be’.  (Context: Lisa is heavily pregnant at time of writing, and will be looking to get back into training – so there’s a definite eye on body image concerns, post-partum and in general.)

The seamless tops, like the long-sleeved Speedstar, are knitted on the same machines as hosiery, so you can expect the same level of stretch, give, and smoothness.

Keep an eye out for the black 10k Tight. It’s the top-selling SB piece thanks to its super-versatile and lines, which draw the eye down the leg and make them appear slimmer. It’s the LBD of luxury sportswear. Well, LBT.

As with other SB pieces, the fit is consistent from collection to collection, but fabrics and style tweaks are made to suit each one. You can also see the attention to detail in the audio guide tabs on each Run piece; they’re there to stop your headphone cords flapping about. LIKE.


SB's tennis whites

This is where Lisa tells me she has the most fun – seasonal collections. Not only is there the ever-present challenge to balance form and function, but the Lawn Tennis Association has its own set of rules (which, if you’re a Williams sister, you feel free to blatantly ignore anyway…) . Apparently tennis whites should only have colour on the front! But that will come through in SS13.Next season’s pieces have splashes of the rich green we’ve seen throughout SS12 so far, and there’s a lovely playful feel to them.

There’s a sense of the two things the British do so well: formality and cheekiness. The skirt is pretty and floaty enough to cause people to drop their Pimm’s if you rock up to a summer do in a pair of heels (I own an SS10 tennis dress and only ever wear it with stilettos. I don’t play tennis.).

The hoodies with the low necks – the pleating taking cues from the white dress which is the overall muse for the Champion collection – are cosy, yet covered. They’re low enough to attract notice for being different, but you won’t feel self-conscious or exposed (again, keeping it classy but sexy.)

God Save The Queen

YASS! Statement tights FTW

And Jesus be a lottery win. Two words: I WANT.

GSTQ is the Crown Jewel in the Champion collection, taking its cues from the London 2012 Olympics and themes of patriotism. It’s unmistakeably the Union Jack, but the urban shapes of the pieces meant that old Jack needed a remix.

I spoke to Ruth, the graphic designer behind the big-n-bashy painterly print, and she told me she had real fun designing it. It was painted in watercolour first, then blown up in Photoshop.

I love the Split Leap Leotard (top pic) and the tights. Statement tights are sexy – if you can’t hear me thundering towards you on a run, you’re in a for a visual treat! Keep an eye out for the showerproof Winners Cape (above) – it opens out to reveal the print splashed cross the inside. That alone is worth a victory lap.

Camp out in Selfridges to grab a piece from this capsule collection.

Wish list:

  • The GSTQ swimsuit and tights
  • The Velocity jacket
  • The Flaunt It Cami, with a drapey back that’s ideal for showing off a toned back, shoulders and *cough* a massive tattoo *cough*

Sweat 'Flaunt It' cami