I was invited down to Kingly Court to check out the upcoming Sweaty Betty range for next summer. Yay! As you might have heard, we in the UK have a little thing called the Olympics coming up next year (The stadium is down the road from me!), and SB have taken that as their inspiration, with stunning results. Let’s have a look, shall we? 


SB’s ‘Champion’ collection is inspired by the origins of the Olympics itself (Ancient Greece), mixed with sleek, futuristic Tron references in the details and eye-catching lines.

Like the Ancient Greeks, the collection worships the athletic physique, but in true SB style, it celebrates femininity in equal measure. In a nod to patriotism, the ‘God Save the Queen’ collection updates the staid Union Jack with a painterly splash (and more than a hint of London rudegirl). More of that soon…

Founder Tamara Hill’s mother-in-law’s dress (with its  and column-like flow) was the flowing, goddess-like inspiration across the board:

Style points:

  • Strong lines and bold colours, inspired by Tron
  • Mix of soft drapes and strong colour blocking
  • Playing up the contrast of hard v soft, strength and feminity (neither should be mutually exclusive!)
  • Look and feel like a goddess
  • Pretty ruching and flattering details
  • Mix and match brightly-coloured bras with softly-shaded tops and vests
  • Lightweight organic fabrics (like bamboo) which are moisture-wicking, supportive, but let you still move freely. See their fabric guide here.

Yoga Statement, Pro and Core

Designer Orlagh (hope I’ve spelled that right!) talked me through the Yoga and Beach pieces. She has a 10-year background in design, but has been with SB for just under a year and was excited about her first collection for them.

Yoga Statement

I want. The capsule collection, featuring mineral and bright shades on rich black, will only be available in Harrods. The Bikram yoga pants have a fabulous lattice cutout on the sides; I was immediately taken with the graphic pattern on the vest (right) which continues down the body with the matching leggings.

LOVE the detail on this.

Yoga Pro

Softer palette, and starring a grey ‘seascape’ print legging. Great for mixing, matching and layering.

Yoga Core

Gorgeously soft fabrics, loosely cut to drape over and flatter your body. The fitted longline vests move with you, but won’t ride up; they feature oh-so-pretty feminine pleating and ruching details. The long-sleeved tops have thumbholes for comfort.

Cool Down

  • Stylish pleating; so-soft Italian cotton. Luxe meets urban, which is just my sort of vibe.
  • Contrasting colours: pebble grey and oatmeal, grey and vibrant teal. The grey top on the right (below) has a teal back – gorgeous!

I’ve got my eye on the hoodie dress! (left)

Cool Down Spa

  • The seascape print is brought out much more here and picked out in rich, washed-out blues.
  • Classic shapes. Emphasis on cupping (as a D cup I like cupping).
  • Trend – driven influences; this is relaxed, informal resort wear.
  • Lots of flowing shapes and washed-down colours

High Summer

  • Classic and stylised with a bolder palette – now we’re getting into ‘strut yo’ stuff’ territory.
  • Amazing green colour. I need to see this against my skin (there’s a black colourway too)
  • Skirt detailing on bikini bottoms throughout the Beach collections. Flatters tummy and hips.
  • Lovely U-shaped hardware detailing lets you reveal a little hint of sun-kissed cleavage without revealing all teh boobiez.

I need the Hera swimsuit (right) in my life.

Did you know:

The fit model for the beach collection has to do all sorts – jump in a pool, play beach games etc – to test the samples for comfort and make sure there are no wardrobe malfunctions? Every piece has to fit just so, so you’re supported, well-covered, and not displaying too much cleavage and side-boob. It’s all about keeping it classy.

The yoga pieces have to pass the ‘bending over’ test. When you’re downward dogging, the last thing you want to think about is WHY your t-shirt is suddenly all up in your face, why your vest has ridden up, why you’re displaying more crack than a ceilidh.

On my shopping list:

  1. The Hera swimsuit
  2. Guildhall Sweat Dress
  3. Yoga Pro Tadaasana 7/8 leggings (featuring the seascape print. Anyone who’s seen my Stellas knows I love a statement legging)
  4. The Yoga Statement black vest and matching leggings

Next up: Part 2! Run, Sweat and God Save The Queen…