Shock Absorber B5044 Run Bra

Avoid chafing, excessive movement, and the 'long-titty' look.

Women, listen up. I shall say this only once: YOU NEED A SPORTS BRA WHEN YOU WORK OUT.

I see women in the gym running in their regular bras – stop it! You’re lucky I don’t get off the treadmill to come and slap you. I mean, do you like having saggy tits? Do you like having stretch marks? Do you?

It’s been shown that the breasts move in a figure-of-8 motion, and this can make the Cooper’s Ligaments in them stretch. Boobs are not made of muscle; they are made of fat and ligaments. These ligaments stretch one way, and one way only: DOWNWARDS. To help protect against this you need a good bra to strap those puppies down, so they don’t become spaniel’s ears.

I’ve been lucky, as a Team Bangs On The Run member, to receive a Run bra direct from Shock Absorber themselves – it’s nice when a company pledges their support to us girls and they actually, you know, support our girls! However, I’ve been a massive fan of their bras from day one. They’re comfy, well-made, and with varying degrees of support, have a firm place in my gym wardrobe whether I’m running, rowing, or doing yoga.