A dig in the archives for other witterings of mine you might have missed:

My review of Shireen Jilla’s Exiled, on For Books’ Sake:

“The awkward moment three NYPD cops are stood in Anna’s bedroom in the wee hours, demanding answers after little Josh is reported to be ‘endangered’, it’s apparent things are going to go tits-up… But Exiled isn’t about a fish out of water. It’s a fight for territory: Jessie and Anna’s four-year-old son, Josh. And that fight is with Jessie’s stepmother, Nancy. She’s super-rich, nipped and tucked – and frankly, poor old Anna’s fucked.”

My previous reviews…

‘There Are A Million Stories in The Naked City When You’re A Girl Who Gets Naked in The Naked City’ by Fiona Helmsley (a sex and drugs memoir which, appropriately, has a title which is quite a mouthful)

A Million Stories… grips us by a grimy hand and takes us down into the sleazy New York underbelly, into a friendly local ‘jack shack’, LUV, where the girls dance and the men wank.”

“She knows it’s wrong, but [her new beau is] sexy as hell and has a massive cock to get on, she an ex-boyfriend to get over. Needs must, but needs aren’t quite met…”

‘The Bed I Made’ by Lucie Whitehouse (a taut thriller about a romance gone badly wrong)

“We discover more about the night [Kate] met tall, dark, handsome and intense Richard. Straining against the bit to break free of her ‘work, work, and more work’ rut, she makes the giddily reckless decision to go home with him that same night. Despite herself she becomes hooked on the sex, the banter, the excitement… “

My tribute to Maya Angelou:

“Maya Angelou’s influence is huge. The first of the modern black female memoirists, her tender and lyrical writing crosses all boundaries. She expresses the hard truths of what it means to be black and female, in a world which isn’t always kind to either, without alienating readers who are neither.”

Happy birthday, Maya Angelou!

My first feature on For Books’ Sake – an alternative approach to dating for Valentine’s Day, The Cynical Romantic’s Laws of Love and Dating

“Law 11: Learn to Keep People Dependent on You

Make those who float into your orbit (‘like planets… unable to get any closer’) feel like they’re number one, without giving too much away yourself.

Remember where the bodies are buried and who knows who; […]this is far stronger leverage than being able to do the Oyster, or having a butt you could rest a table of cocktails on (and to those of you who have these attributes, I say: lucky cow!).”