This book cried out from my crowded bookshelf right before I left the house today, begging to be read:

I’ve been thinking about my novel, and the short stories I want to write. Plot has always been a problem – once the Big Idea comes to me, how do I turn this into a workable story? I could go a bit crazy and non-linear-meandering here, but I’m going to stick with the ‘beginning-middle-end’ format. It seems to have worked for a lot of other people.

Plot is basically the last on which the shoe of your story is formed, at least as I understand it. You can have the same plot underpinning a heap of different stories, across the galaxy of genres.

The fundamental problem I’m having with my meisterwork is that the characters don’t have a framework to shape their motivations.

Is my central character undergoing a physical Metamorphosis? (I was going to ‘get’ her pregnant), a Transformation? (she is going through a considerable Life Change) or a Maturation? (I wanted her to grow from being an irresponsible coke-snorting wally who falls over a lot, to someone who can take better care of herself and empathise with others.) Or perhaps it’s a straight love story (this is a rom-com after all) with elements of all the above?

I don’t know yet. I do know that until I have that straight, none of the character development I’ve done will hang right.