Today on Twitter I came across two very different quotes, which perfectly illustrate how similar writing and running are:


RT @runningquotes:”Be not afraid of going slowly; be afraid only of standing still.” -Chinese proverb via @FGFitness


I don’t understand this whole concept of writer’s block. If I get stuck, I work on another scene. MICHAEL ONDAATJE #amwriting #writing

The lesson here is this:

Get up. Go. Keep going. And if you come to a dead end, change your route.

The worst thing a writer can do is not write – even if all you’re writing is crap, and you only write for 10 minutes a day. Words, miles, it doesn’t matter.

That’s a real comfort to someone struggling with a novel and sluggish morning runs; as long as I keep going, even in little increments, I’ll break through.

Is this what’s called a beautiful struggle?