The thing I'm going to attempt to do

I caught this today in Sam Murphy’s ‘Murphy’s Lore’ column of the new edition of Runner’s World:

“My husband has pledged to run every single day of 2011 – in what he has called the Daily Mileage Challenge or Run DMC – making running not just part of his routine but a daily habit. So far, he feels it has had a positive influence on his running form and his mindset.”

Run DMC. Run. Daily Mileage Challenge. I love this. Time was, before technical clothing, watches and negative splits, when I hit the road every morning and/or evening for the sheer joy of it. Sad to say, but taking running seriously can kinda suck all the joy out of it – if you let it.

I’ve suffered a real lack of return to form since Paris, and a few of my fellow Team Bangs girls have felt the same. Hayfever is largely responsible for the fact that my runs, morning and evening, have been painfully short and pretty awfu; a real struggle. Finding the right medication to allow me to breathe, and not feel like I’m smacked up to the tits, has been a mission; Loratadine might just be the one that saves me. Poor performance has led to a motivation drop, which has led to a caloric spike. My Twin Peaks Challenge is in June, and I need to get into a shape that’s not ’round’ PFQ.

So, the plan of action is thus: first, I need to make daily appointments with the road, be it a social or community/crew/club run, to get my mojo back where it belongs. Second, I need a coherent plan of attack so I can get up two buildings – without one of them being A & E.

Baby steps, though. Tomorrow I go out for a morning trot, and in the evening I tackle aerial silks (excited! More of that tomorrow, though).

Run DMC. Let’s do it!