I’ve gone from doing one Race for Life, 3 years ago, to four – four! – events in one year:

6th March: The semi-marathon de Paris

You may remember that little trot by the Seine I mentioned a while back…

18th June: The London Twin Peak Challenge for Action for Hunger

The brave @missjay off twitter is my race partner in madness. I’m training by running up stairs, rowing to build up my upper body strength, then coming home to cry into a glass of rum cream.

9th July: Boutique Run

A pampering girly day out with a 10k chucked in. Should be fun. Looking forward to it! Hit me up if you’re going, too.

25th September: Run to The Beat with Team Bangs on the Run 2 (Team Bangs: Reloaded! Hell YEAH.)

No idea what the route is yet, but it starts and ends at the O2 in Greenwich, south-east London. Also taking my own music in case I have to be subjected to Katy Perry, Tinchy Stryder or some other shit I object to. YEAH I KNOW the point of it is to have music played to you, but still. I like my tunes and hate shit music.  Gotta be prepared…*kanye shrug*

Am I doing anything else? Hell emphatically no. Although I’ll be playing mas this year at Notting Hill. You’d better believe I’m going to look good in my costume! This is more than enough. I’ve got October and Nanowrimo to finish my novel, during which I’ll be ‘off season’ and eating lots of buttered toast. Sod the six-pack, I’ll be balancing my netbook on my huge stomach. Then it’ll all start again…