The word/phrase ‘winning’ has been much overused lately, but that, dear reader, is especially relevant here because I WON something. That would be a Sheactive goody bag.

How did I do this? By leaving a review of the beloved Stella McCartney Image Seamless Running Tights I’d bought from them. They break all natural laws by being super-hot and incredibly cool at the same time:

Let’s have a look-see and get a load of my goodies…

Goody bag contents - Zoca Active tee, black tee with Sheactive branding. I really like this!

Merrell running socks

Merrell 'Swift' merino wool running sockies, Raspberry


A Shock Absorber Run Bra! (I talk more about the need for a bra here)


No more bouncy bouncy!

And a Merrell Tools torch, and Stella McCartney for adidas gym bag padlock.

Padlock and torch