Freshly made prawn crackers

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On Thursday night I enjoyed a wonderful Vietnamese dinner, cooked by the fair hand of Fernandez and Leluu (Simon Fernandez and Uyen Leluu). I’d come across them while searching for supperclubs and underground restaurants in London.
With all the places for ladies gone  way in advance, I made sure I was on the waiting list for the upcoming singles night, and was so excited when someone dropped out. Would I find a husband? Maybe, maybe not. But a standard-issue  slick of lipgloss and a pretty top meant I was ready for anything.

I arrived just in time for dinner, and instead of wine, I brought a bottle of Chambord and a slimline tonic. I opened the tonic and it popped and fizzed all over the place. Oops. That’s one way to make an entrance…
After an initial mingle, we were seated boy/girl (mostly girl) and got chatting and circulating over delicious sweet and sour soup, prawn crackers and chicken salad, king prawn rolls in transparent pastry, beef in vine leaves… and while we were tucking into the cheese board, gorgeously sweet stewed pears for dessert.

Did I pull? Well, I got a lovely lady’s phone number – not quite what I was aiming for, haha! But hey, it’s all about connecting and making friends – not easy in this big city. It was a fab evening just for talking to interesting, random people from all over London (and, by extension, the world).

It’s funny; London is a small town sometimes. The Creative Writes workshops I attend, run by the lovely Nichola Charalambou, were held here in February; I bumped into a lady who’d attended a previous block of workshops last year.

I never got the chance to sample a supperclub with my ex, so this was a perfect chance – with the added frisson of excitement thrown in. Not quite as exciting as that time in Spain, when we were handed a bowl of ganja after dessert… but it put a smile on my face nonetheless.

I’ll be going back, when I get the chance – singles’ night or otherwise.
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